Sunday, March 2, 2014

Week 1: Day 1: Welcome to ENG/Z099!

Welcome to the web-log (or "blog") for Dr. C. Jason Smith's ENG/Z099 course. This will be your "home base" for the semester, so plan to check here often to keep up with assignments and activities. If the text on your screen is too small to read easily, hold down the "CTRL" button on your keyboard and tap the "+" key.

Day 1
  1. Welcome & Brief Course Overview
  2. Introduction to the Blog
  3. Diagnostic Essay on "Hype" (90 minutes) HERE (and handout). 
  4. Create a Blogger Account (as time allows). See #2 for Thursday.
  1. Re-read Syllabus and print it if you like (there will be a quiz). The syllabus is located in the Documents folder. Be sure to read the one for your section (ENG or ENZ). 
  2. Buy/Bring a portable print dictionary (multi-language OK), USB flash drive, and earbuds/headphones. Bring these every day!

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