Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Week 3: CATW Practice

**ENZ099 (M/W) ONLY** 
  • Midterm Retest Register: C-428 Monday March 24 10am to 6pm
  • Test Date Suggested: Monday, April 7 5:45-7:55 C445 (in lieu of class).

**ENG099 (T/Th) ONLY**
  • We will NOT meet as a class on Thursday 3/27 (next week). 
  • However, you WILL have an online assignment and will need to electronically sign-in on that day. Check this blog for updates.
Day One:
  1. Tech: 
    1. Link Check (to right)
    2. Turning off Captcha on your blog (as time allows)
  2. Tutorial: Introductory Paragraphs HERE.
  3. Blog Entry 3: If you have not already done so, write a full essay response to "I Know the Truth" HERE. You should use your summary (Entry 2) as part of this essay. 
  4. Scoring: CATW Scoring: HERE and ENG/Z099 Evaluation Sheets.
  5. Workshop: Blog Entry 3 as directed using the language of the CATW scoring and the ENG/Z099 evaluation sheets as your guide. If a team member has NOT posted Entry 3, Evaluate Entry 1. Be sure to focus on suggestions for improvement, particularly on the objective summary and claim! As always, write in complete sentences.
Day Two: 
  1. CATW Practice: We will have a timed CATW practice over "Individuals in Groups". This practice CATW will be evaluated by Dr. Smith.
  1. Read: "Allegory of the Cave" on Wikipedia. Look up the words "Parable" and "Allegory" in your dictionary as well as any other words you do not know.
  2. Read: Print, read, and annotate the "Allegory of the Cave" HERE.
    Watch the animated version HERE.   


Unknown said...

What do you think "The Allegory of the Cave" is really trying to say about life? Can you think of real world examples from our everyday life?

Unknown said...

What questions do you have about "The Allegory of the Cave"?