Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Week 1: Day 2: Tech Set-Up and Blog Entry 1

Day 2

LAB for ENG099 Only (not ENZ099) is HERE (and below)
  1. New people?
  2. CUNY Portal and Blackboard: Go to CUNY Portal HERE and sign-in or Register for a New Account (if you already have an account on Bb you do not need a new one). In CUNY Portal Click "Blackboard" and find our class.
  3. Quiz: Go to "Tests and Quizzes" and take the Syllabus Quiz. Check your score in the online Gradebook then retake the Quiz if you like. You may take it as many times as you want.
  4. View/Take the Introductory CATW Tutorial HERE
  5. Blogger: In the upper right hand corner of this Screen click "Create Blog" and follow the directions. 
  6. Blog Entry 1: "Hype Revision". Pick up your essay. Keeping in mind what you learned in the tutorial, revise your CATW practice as "Blog Entry 1". You should revise the introduction and add a thesis statement. Then revise the rest of the essay as you see fit. Be sure to "Publish" when finished, not "Save" (though you should save along the way).
  7. After posting Blog Entry 1 and before the end of class, Sign-in HERE and be sure I get your blog address (while looking at your blog main page, the address that ends 
  8. Tutorial: Review "Understanding the Directions for the CAT in WritingHERE. Please keep track of which tutorials you have completed and take the test (if provided). Print the test for your records (if possible).
  9. Turn-in the Bluebooks.
  10. Tutorial: Complete the next CATW Tutorial(s) HERE (as time allows).

SUGGESTED: Read articles from The New York Times (or your local paper). Particularly Letters to the Editor or Opinion pages (online or print).