Thursday, March 13, 2014

Week 2: Annotating and Summarizing

Welcome Week Two! This week we have the following tasks to accomplish.

**ENZ 099 ONLY** 
Midterm Retest Register: C-428 Monday March 24 10am to 6pm
Test Date: Suggested Monday April 3 5:45 C445 

**ENG 099 ONLY**
Your assignment for the LAB on Wed. will be posted HERE.
  1. Reminders: 
    • you should bring earphones/earbuds, your dictionary, and flashdrive (or equivalent) every day!
    • Sign-in to your blog (as always) and sign-in to class HERE when you have your blog address. 
    • Review: Week One assignments. Did you complete everything?
  2. Terms: Annotating, Summary, Objective, & Subjective.
  3. CATW Prompts: Let's look at a CATW set of directions HERE (at the bottom of the page). And then the CATW "Do Not" list by Dr. X HERE. 
  4. As a Class: Read and annotate "Is Google Making us Stupid?" HERE
    1. What is the main point of the reading?
    2. What are 2-3 important ideas other than the main point? 
    3. What are 2-3 ideas you may want to quote later? 
    4. What words may need to be looked up in a dictionary?
  5. View: Effective Summaries HERE.
  6. In Groups: using MSWord, summarize each paragraph of "Is Google Making us Stupid?" Combine into a complete paragraph. Each group will post your commentary in the Google Form HERE.When finished check out other group responses HERE.
  7. Discussion: "Is Google Making us Stupid?" 
  8. Blog Entry 2: Read, annotate, and then write a one paragraph objective summary of the reading "I Know the Truth" HERE. Post your summary on your blog as Blog Entry 2: I Know the Truth. I will be reviewing these summaries starting today. Check for "comments" on the entry. 
  9. Blog Entry 3: Write a full essay response to "I Know the Truth" HERE. You should use your summary as part of the introduction for the essay. We will be reviewing this essay next week.
  10. Read "Allegory of the Cave" on Wikipedia. Look up the words "Parable" and "Allegory" in your dictionary as well as any other words you do not know.
  11. Read: Print, read and annotate the "Allegory of the Cave" HERE: Introduction (as time allows). Watch the animated version HERE.
  12. Freerice HERE!

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