Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 5: The Truman Show

*ENZ099 is below

This week we will be continuing with the theme of the class by viewing The Truman Show, a film thematically based on the allegory of the cave.

DAY 1: Class
Film: The Truman Show HERE (on campus only). We will be viewing the film in class.

Day 2: LAB
  1. Wikipedia: Read "The Truman Show" on Wikipedia HERE pay particular attention to the "Themes" section.
  2. Activity: Truman Summary HERE. The answers are HERE.

DAY 3: Class
  1. Allegory of the Cave: Miller found this version of the Allegory on Youtube and I think it is excellent HERE.
  2. Activity: Truman Claims HERE.
  3. Blog Entry 7: The Truman Show response is HERE.
  4. Tutorials: Introduction and Thesis, Paragraph Structure, Paragraph Development.

ENZ099 Only
3/31: CATW Practice
4/2: Tutorials (ass assigned), Revisions of CATW practice posted to your blog, and CATW topics HERE. If you do NOT want to know, do not look!
4/7: No Class. CATW Retake.
4/9: Online class only. We will not meet in the classroom. Check this blog for directions.
4/23: Mid-term scores.

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