Thursday, April 24, 2014

WEEK 7-8: The Meatrix

  1. Announcement: My Fall I 2014 Courses are on my home blog HERE.
  2. CATW Registration: Register for the CATW in Room C428 (May 5-16) during the following times:
    1. M 5 May 10a - 6p (suggested)
    2. T 6 May 10a - 4p
    3. W 7 May 10a - 4p
    4. Th 8 May 10a - 6p
    5. F 9 May 10a - 4p
  3. CATW RETEST: There are lots of days and times to take the retest. I have the full list. I would suggest the following: Thursday 29 May 05:45-07:55 (class will be excused for this testing). 
  4. Blog Entry 08: "The Truman Syndrome" Revision. Type up and correct your "Truman" Essay. The prompt is HERE.
  5. Blog Entry 09: HERE.
  6. Revisions: Directed rewrites Essays 1-3. Is it passing?
    1. The essay must have been posted to the blog and revised. Check the Documents folder for which Blog Entries are Essays.
    2. You must PRINT the draft.
    3. Highlight or underline your CLAIM.
    4. Have ONE group member proofread it and sign it as "passing".
    5. Fill out and attach an evaluation sheet.
    6. Hand it to me for "Quick Evaluation".
  7. Watch: The Meatrix 1, 2, 2.5 HERE. If you do not have sound in the lab ask the tutor if you can go to B333 to watch this.
  8. Research: The Meatrix: Issues HERE. Find topics of particular Interest to you.
  9. Blog Entry 10: HERE.

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