Wednesday, May 7, 2014


  1. DO NOT forget to sign up for the CATW retest this week. I am trying to resolve the "issues" with the testing office.
  2. The Writing Center, B200, is offering ENZ students the chance to take timed practice tests during their regular hours that will be graded by their staff.
Here are the tutorials for this evening: 

  1. 30-40 Minutes Freerice Grammar
  2. 30-40 Minutes Freerice Vocabulary
  3. Unified Paragraphs
  4. Paragraph Development
  5. Paragraph Development (Advanced)
  1. Complete above tutorials if you did not finish
  2. Write the CATW Practice as directed (7-year-old Girls with Breasts)
  3. Continue with Freerice Grammar or Vocab (there is an app)

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