Thursday, May 8, 2014

Week 9: Catch-up and Revisions

  1. DO NOT forget to sign up for the CATW retest this week. I am trying to resolve the "issues" with the testing office.
  2. The Writing Center, B200, is offering ENZ students the chance to take timed practice tests during their regular hours that will be graded by their staff.
  3. Highest 4 scores in the contest? 20 points x-tra credit and a book.
CATW Registration: Register for the CATW in Room C428 (May 5-16) during the following times:
  • M May 10a - 6p (suggested)
  • T May 10a - 4p
  • W May 10a - 4p
  • Th May 10a - 6p
  • F May 10a - 4p
In Class
  1. Watch: The Meatrix 1, 2, 2.5 HERE. If you do not have sound in the lab ask the tutor if you can go to B333 to watch this.
  2. Research: The Meatrix: Issues HERE. Find topics of particular Interest to you.
  3. Blog Entry 10: HERE.
  4. Revisions/Rewrites: CATW Essays for "passing" as directed.
Homework Tutorials
  1. Unified Paragraphs
  2. Paragraph Development
  3. Paragraph Development (Advanced)
 Next Week
  1. CATW Practice and Workshop
FALL I 2014 Courses 
ENG102.0862 Supernatural! M 02:15-04:25 (hybrid-online) 
ENG280.0944 Children's Literature T 02:15-04:25 (hybrid-online)
ENG101.5753 Fast Food Nation MW 05:45-7:55 (web supported)
ENG101.5772 Fast Food Nation TTh 05:45-7:55 (web supported)

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