Monday, June 9, 2014

CATW SCORES: We Are Meeting this Week!

ENZ099 Meets 6/9 at 5:45 in E259
ENG099 Meets 6/10 at 5:45 in E259

CATW scores are UP in Blackboard. If you passed (56 or higher) you DO NOT have to come to class. If you did not pass you should see me at 6/10 at 5:45 in E259 for a brief advising meeting.  Only students wanting to take the ENX099 express class will need a form from me (I only have 4 slots). Here are the reminders about scores and outcomes:
  • 56+. ENG099 Students who pass the CATW receive a letter grade (A-D). ENZ099 students who pass the CATW receive an "S" (Satisfactory) grade. Students in ENZ who have taken ENG101 and passed should inquire in the department about the change of grade from INC (Incomplete). 
  • 55 or less. Students who do not pass the CATW but were successful in the course receive "R" grades.  
  • 50-55. Students who score 50 or higher may register for ENX099 express class (Need a form from Dr. Smith)
  • 48-55. Students who score 48 or higher AND have passed the CATR (reading test) should register for ENA101 IF you have not already taken it. If you have NOT passed the CATR you will need to retake ENG099.
  • 47 or less. Retake ENG/Z099, whichever course you are currently in.

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